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Channel Cutting Kit

Traditional Shoemaking Kit - Channel Cutting


Introducing the George Barnsley & Sons Channel Cutting Kit


After a visit to 'The Last Shoe Maker' based in York in the United Kingdom, Payson gave us a demonstration of how these three tools can be used together


This kit has everything you need for cutting a channel for hidden stitching in traditional shoe making


Firstly you use the Channel cutter to cut a 'flap' in the leather, then using the Channel opener you run the tool along the channel you have just cut utilising the shape of the opener to rest on the edge of the leather for a consistant channel. Finally you then use the Surface Stitching Groover to 'groove' out a channel for your sistching to go in, using the 'L' guide to keep the distance from the edge of the leather consistant all the way round


All the above tools are available seperatly or as part of the kit



Channel Cutting Kit

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