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George Barnsley Walnut Leathercraft Knives

Introducing the George Barnsley and Sons Walnut Collection 


This limited edition set includes our Saddlers Round Knife, Reverse Head Knife and Clip Point Knife along with the 3 knives from the Leathercraft Essentials Set all with a Walnut handle and a matching Awl 


These oval handles are turned in American Black Walnut from sustainable sources, hand finished with gun stock oil and a brass ferule creating a beautiful and high quality leathercraft set


Saddlers Head Knife This best selling multi-purpose leather knife can be used for straight and curved cuts, skiving and cutting out patterns in any weight of leather


Reverse Head Knife A heavy knife suitable for cutting all thicknesses of leather, the 2mm blade makes straight line cutting easy even without the use of a rule


Clip Point Knife - very popular general purpose leathercraft knife that can be used for most cutting work


Birds Beak Clicker - Easy to control general purpose knife suitable for all thicknesses of leather with a 2 1/2" blade finished with a 4 1/2" oval handle


Curve Cutter - Ideal for cutting curves with a straight line around a stencil, a 2 1/2" blade finished with a 4 1/2" oval handle


Mini Paris - A smaller version of the Paris Curve, perfect for fine, intricate and freehand work. A 2 1/2" blade with a 4 1/2" oval handle


6 Knife Set includes - Choice of (Round Knife, Half Head or Japanese Skiver),  Reverse Head, Leathercraft Essentials 3 Knife Set, Clip Point Knife, Clickers Awl


5 Knife Set includes- Choice of (Round Knife, Half Head or Japanese Skiver), Reverse Head, Leathercraft Essentials 3 Knife Set, Clickers Awl

The Walnut Collection

SKU: 1001PA/8010P/8020P
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