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About George Barnsley and Sons


Tool Makers

World renowned George Barnsley and Sons were located for many years in The Cornish Works on the Don.


Specialising in the manufacture of cutting tools for leather workers and associated industries.


Our high quality leather working tools and knives can be found in workshops all over the world and their reputation for quality precedes them.

All of our world class knives and tools are still manufactured in Sheffield, UK.

Catering for all aspects of leather craft, specialising in shoemaking and saddlery and harness making.

All of the manufacturing processes are completed onsite from the processing of the steel into blades, to the assembly complete with in-house made handles.

The business is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Mowbray Manufacturing Co Ltd.

They operate from premises on Mowbray Street, Sheffield, along with its sister company Woodware Repetitions, who make the wooden handles for these and many other tools. 

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