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Flat Leather Strop

Introducing the Armitage x Barnsley Leather Strop


The strops are turned here in the factory in Sheffield out of a choice of sustainably sourced woods; Beech, Walnut and Bubingahand finished with mineral oil to bring out the grain and protect the wood


The Flat strop is available in two sizes; small and large and are covered in vegetable tanned russet leather which is ideal for absorbing polishing compound


You can also choose to have the leather on one side of the strop grain side out. The grain side of the leather lends itself well to finer compounds and a higher level of polishing, whereas the flesh side is an excellent choice for more abrasive compounds where heavier stropping is required


The Flat Strops are suitable for sharpening anything from a clip point up to a head knife


Large Flat Strop 454mm x 50mm x 20mm

Small Flat Strop 280mm x 35mm x 20mm


Each Strop comes with two polishing compounds of your choice;

Grey - Coarse Cut

Blue - Medium Cut

Pink - Fine Cut

Flat Leather Strop

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