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George Barnsley Burnisher

George Barnsley and Sons Burnisher


Edge burnishers are used to finish leather goods once they have been bevelled and sanded to give a clean finished edge


The cut edge is sealed by the heat generated by the rubbing of the burnisher on the leather, by sealing the edge the leather retains its natural oils and doesnt dry out


When used along with a small amount of burnishing gum you can really achieve a real polished finish


The George Barnsley and Sons Burnisher is turned in house by our sister company Woodware Repetitions from sustainably sourced Beech, shaped to fit comfortably in the hand while being able to apply pressure to the leather


Full Length - 8"


Burnisher is sold separately or in a set with a 120g tub of Tokonole Burnishing Gum




George Barnsley Burnisher

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