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Shoe Makers #7 Skiver

Once upon a time there was a Lady called Lisa from Oklahoma, a master bootmaker with a passion for skiving... she asked a Gentleman called Bill... a master last-maker and educator to shoe makers of all levels to create a knife that could be used on the likes of kid and fine beading leathers... 


Bill then took the classic design of the George Barnsley Clip Point Paring knife... cut it down and re-beveled it to create the perfect 7 degree bevel specifically required to skive the thinner leathers...


At George Barnsley & Sons we have now taken the old style 1.5mm thick O1 steel paring knife, hardened to 57 rockwell and used a machine beveller to create the consistant 7 degree bevel required


This #7 skiving knife can be used for both 'push' and 'pull' skiving, available in both Left and Right handed

Shoe Makers #7 Skiver

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