Specialists in Leathercraft Tools and Knives, for Shoemaking, Saddlery and all aspects of Leather Working

Our world-renowned leathercraft tools and knives have been hand crafted in Sheffield, UK, for many, many years

George Barnsley and Sons was founded as a tool manufacturing business in 1836 mainly specialising in the making of specialised rasps and files used in the shoemaking industry before diversifying into knife blades and shoemaking tools in the early 1850’s

Over the years, we have continued to develop our range of high-quality tools and knives to meet the needs of the leather working industries

Essential Leathercraft

Knives_UNDER 25Proof of AgeShelf Edge[1]

The Offences Weapons Act (OWA) will come into effect in November 2019. This is to ensure age restricted items such as knives are not delivered to someone who is under the  age of 18. As such all our leathercraft knives, blades and sharp objects will be sent on an Age Verification service requiring a form of identification on delivery. ​